Wish you a happy 2017!


Happy new 2017 to all of you! What is your New Years promise? I have five of them! 🙂
1st: Spend more time with family and friends.

2nd: Focus more on myself and my health. I haven’t been in the gym since years ago and I feel like it’s time to start workout again. See you at @satstorpavallen and @satseriksberg 3-5 times a week 🙂

3rd: Help more people in need. I’ve always done it, and will keep doing it. As much as I can! Spread peace and love to the world! ❤

4th: I will continue writing the book about my life. Wait for it ?

5th: I’ve promised myself that I will spend more time on writing blog articles and making videoblogs on my website skyzelife.com, and also focus much more on giving you guys tips and guidelines on how to startup a company from zero and make it turn into a million-profit company.

I will help you from startup to success. I will truly give you all of my tips and methods I’ve used to become successful in strategic marketing and entrepreneurship.

I never had a mentor. I did it the hard way from zero. If I’ve made it, you can also do it. I was not “lucky”. In entrepreneurship “lucky” doesn’t exist. Lucky exists in gambling. Entrepreneurship is not gambling.. it’s all about knowledge and hard work!

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