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  • Modball 2016, lets go!

    Alright, so @Yiannimize just finnished my gold Aventador. Thank you! Modball, here we come! Follow this journey on my snapchat: Skyzelife and Instagram: Skyze_life  

  • Where land ends, life begins!

    Took the boat and the jet skis out for a spin with some lovely friends! Amazing day on ”västkusten”. It’s 5th May so the water...

  • Skyze went toyshopping :)

    Bought theese two beasts this week. Can’t wait to play with them! 300 horsepowers/each. Amazing machines!

  • Buying a brand new Mercedes to my father

    As you guys know, I bought a car to my mum last week. And I wanted to do the same to my father. He thought...

  • Bought a car to my mother :)

    There are no words that can describe how much she means to me. She took the driving license last week, and I wanted to surprise...